Juliet is a recent mom who is about 1 year old. She did a good job taking care of her kittens, even though she had to deliver them in a shed all by herself. After we rescued all of them, we made sure everyone was healthy and well cared for. All her babies have found homes, and now it s time for Juliet to get her own loving and safe home so she never has to live on the streets again. Juliet is a...


Dora is 1 of our infamous ten she came from a family who truly loves their pet cat, but became overwhelmed when they had ten kittens! As you can see, Dora has some truly lovely black and white coloring. She s so an inquisitive and playful we call her Dora the Explorer because of her boundless curiosity and spunkiness! She s also very affectionate and precious. We love watching her with her cous...


Look at this adorable kitty! He is an instant purrer when you pet or pick him up. He loves, loves, loves to snuggle. He s super popular around the foster s home because he is so playful and silly. He was bottle-fed, which means he s extremely affectionate and wonderful. Bottle-fed babies tend to love to be held and snuggled because they become so used to it as tiny kittens and Maurice is no dif...