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4 Canary Wing Conures $100 each Pair of Turquoise Cinnamon Conures $300 Blue Front amazon $600 Friendly Double Yellow Headed Amazon $1200 Friendly Senegal parrot $400 Proven pair of sunday Conure $400 2 Friendly weaned blue gold Macaw $900 each Proven Pair of blue and gold macaw $1500 Pair of proven African gray congos $1800 Proven pair African gray Congo Red factor $2000 Sergio 7863267698 3495...
Hellooo, Everyone! My name is Oat. You may ask, Why Oat? This is what my mommy told me: I remember reading a George Carlin book and he said you know what you never see? 1 Oat. All by itself. I thought that was a great point. So Oat it was. Im a 13...
Adopt a Brown Finch / Mixed bird in West Palm Beach, FL (20743560)
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